Honda's "Hondamentalism" Advertising Campaign

Published: 10th May 2007
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The new integrated advertising campaign of Honda manufacturer of best quality acura brakes has been released recently nationwide to support the launching of its best-selling hot hatch, the Civic Type R. The advertising campaign was created by Wieden & Kennedy and introduces the so-called concept of "Hondamentalism". This concept embodies the one-of-a-kind racing spirit and the endless pursuit for excellence which has been part of the company's goals from day one.

The 60-second spot opens up featuring a long road and at the far end are bright lights and seven engineers. Then a voice of Garrison Keillor will be heard at the background saying something like "an engineer once said that to build something great is like swimming through honey".

The voice continues by saying, "Our engineers set off on the long road towards the bright lights. As their journey progresses, a strong wind begin to blow - becoming more intense as they continue, knocking them over and spreading debris around. As they struggle ever closer to those lights they are seen helping each other, carrying each other, spurring each other on against the wind. They reach the lights (and with that appear the famous 'RedH' Honda badge. This brand is exclusive on racing cars and Type R production vehicles). By working together, by helping each other in the massive struggle and challenge to achieve the absolute fullest potential which only the RedH logo commands, they have reached their goal. That's Hondamentalism."

"Hondamentalism" is just the one part of the integrated campaign that Honda has in stored. There will also be a series of print advertisements that are scheduled to come out next week that will showcase the various "Hondamentalists" that would display the intensity of Honda's engineering and racing heritage. The ITV's Formula 1 sponsorship coverage which will be aired next weekend will also assist the campaign for the Civic Type R.

To round up the integrated campaign for the Type R is the campaign web site called which was launched just recently. The "Hondamentalism" web site is developed by Midas Collective and allows its users to take on the challenge to explore the site and to find out just how "Hondamentalist" are they. The site will also feature contents from together with a new 360-degree color changer.

The "Hondamentalism" commercial was directed by Mark Romanek and produced by Jonathan Chads. The creative directors were Kim Papworth and Tony Davidson. The Copywriter was Stuart Harkness while the Art Director was Chris Groom.

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